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Województwo: cały kraj
Firma: Kancelaria Prawna
Powiat: cały kraj
Miasto: Gdańsk
Kod pocztowy: 80-219
Ulica: Al. Zwycięstwa 35/2
Telefon: (58)746 39 46
Strona www:
dodano: 2018.06.28
ważne do: 2018.11.17
wyświetleń: 63

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With the desire and commitment, the Legal and Financial Law Firm "PARTNERZY" located in Gdańsk will help anyone who finds himself in a situation that requires knowledge of the law. The office is represented by lawyers responsible for particular areas of law, therefore the area of ​​our specialization is wide.
* debt recovery * compensation * EU funds * criminal matters * family law * ...
Let us use the quotation of the person we have supported: "By writing this advertisement, I reach out to every person who has suffered an accident, I have experienced what I should not have lived through, I am very fortunate to have been helped by people with a good heart. I was allowed to put my story on the Law Office's portal in the form of my mother's diary - a woman who should serve as an example of strong faith! (link below) We always help!

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details and then to contact us thanks to the information provided at
We are not foreign to the service of companies!
Negotiated price.
(entrance and parking is at the back of the building)

Tel .: (58) 7463 946
Fax: (58) 5858 049

Monday - Friday 8:00 - 16:00
after hours 16:00 and on Saturdays after an appointment

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